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What is a Creative Soulpreneur?

A Creative Soulpreneur uses her unique creative talents to create meaningful work and a life that supports her soul. This is you even if it’s just a hobby or a dream. This is you even if you work for someone else right now. It’s what’s in your heart that counts.

My name is Karen Dawn and I want to help you bring more meaningful work into your life. I’m just getting started so bare with me as I build my dreams and bring to you all that I hope for. Soon I’ll have articles on how you can live a more soul fulfilling life, so please come back.

Are You Living a Meaningful Life?

Do you want to find your unique inner wisdom, your soul purpose or are you just curious about what more is there to explore? Join Us! We are soulful creative women. We create meaningful connections in our life’s and in the world around us. What we do on the smallest levels can make a big difference.

You are a Creative Soulful Woman!

Creativity is one of the most amazing energy resources that we all have access to. Creativity can guide you with purpose and intention. It can help you find meaning in your life and connect you with your Higher Self. Believe in who you are, believe that you are enough, believe in your own higher power. Join Us!